Hello, my names Dom, and somehow, likely through threat of violence or death, you have stumbled into my brainchild, BJJComics.com. Either way, welcome. There are donuts and acai in the back.

I love to draw.

…but what I love even more, is doing Jiu Jitsu.


This project is a way to channel and combine my two loves, effectively creating a repulsive and abominate creative outlet that only does my sordid bidding.

In October of 2014, after serving 5 years in the Army, I packed up my life, grabbed my girlfriend, and drove west to California. Since then, I’ve been training full time at Atos Headquarters with this guy:

"Try to move... AH see he can't!"

Professor Andre Galvao

I could just blurt the cliche thing and say my goal is to become a black belt world champion (which is true), but now that I’m here, my perspective has shifted a bit. I’m realizing that there’s more than just winning at the highest level and throwing up an academy to make BJJ a life for you. I guess this project is my first jab at that.

Anywho, that’s my story for the most part. Enjoy the site, and no shoes on the mat.